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Taste of Texas Sunshine!

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Enjoy Chella

Chella Limoncello has a unique and personal charm of its own.

Dream of yourself sitting on a veranda enjoying the view of the Mediterranean Sea, sipping a delicious Chella  Limoncello.


Italy represents food, family, fun, and of course, Limócello.

Image by Maria Bobrova

Our Story

Imagine yourself spending a relaxing summer's day taking in the uniquely beautiful sights and sounds of the Mediterranian Sea while visiting the coast of Italy. The warmth of the sun kisses your skin. The peaceful sound of the waves lulls you into an all-encompassing relaxation that knows no equal. As your body and mind relax, your other senses are heightened.The smell of the sea is matched only by the aroma of the offerings of the quaint, authentic Italian bistros nearby. It is there you discover one of their most tantalizing libations: Limoncello.


During the pandemic lockdown, left only with memories of our years abroad to remind us of life's better times, we craved the taste of Limoncello. Nothing that we experienced stateside could equal the brightness of the authentic Italian flavor we experienced.


Our journey began by experimenting with recipes that were not overly sweet, gluten-free, and could be an additional ingredient to a favorite cocktail. Chella was born.

Encouraged by our family and friends who enjoyed our answer to authentic Italian Limoncello, we set out to create and produce the best product possible to bring to those who could not access this fantastic, citrusy, sweet, and sour drink.


Each batch of Chella is crafted with the finest ingredients and made with love. Love for the region. Love for the flavor. Love sharing this beautiful taste with the world.

Lemon Tree

Taste of Texas Sunshine!

Cocktail Collections

Limoncello, a popular Italian liquor, has a sweet and refreshing flavor, making it the perfect summer or after-dinner drink. This flavorful spirit derives its unique taste from lemons, giving it a quintessential essence of summer. Achieving its optimal taste when chilled, Chella Limoncello is the perfect addition to an endless number of cocktails.

Where to Find Us

Our limoncello is available in select retailers and restaurants, so you can enjoy it with friends and family. We are not yet selling our Chella Limoncello online, but our local retailers are selling it, and our local restaurant partners create delicious cocktails you have to try.  

What is Limoncello

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur that is traditionally served as an after-dinner digestif. It has a tart, sweet, and citrusy flavor and a light yellow color. It can be enjoyed anytime, in its pure form or as part of refreshing and delicious cocktails. You simply have to try it to fully understand its magic.

Why Chella Limoncello

Our limoncello is unique because it is made with only the finest organic ingredients, including freshly picked lemons. Our signature recipe creates a smooth and refreshing liqueur with a distinctive flavor. It has a light and refreshing taste that is sure to please. Want to learn more? Contact us!


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